About Kitchener Wedding Photographer Gary Evans

Kitchener Wedding Photographer: Gary Evans

Hi there, I’m Gary. I am originally from the UK but moved to Canada for Love!  I know it sounds soppy, but its true.

Believe it or not I met my wife at a Wedding Show here in Kitchener in January 2012.  Yep, of all places a Wedding Show. Its a lovely story of taking a chance, listening to your heart and not your head, a story of a long distance relationship that actually worked.

4 years ago I was living in the UK and running my own photography business.  I then came to visit a friend here in Kitchener, went to a wedding show and BOOM, I met Kim.  From that moment on my whole world changed, and changed for the better.

Now 4 years on, and a lot of air miles later I am living here in Kitchener, I’m married to a beautiful woman, I have an awesome 1 year old little boy called Rhys, a 7 year old step son called Cody, a 10 year old Basset Hound called Mustard and a Boxer/Bulldog cross dog called Luna.  I’ve gone from being a single guy living on his own to a very proud family man and I love it!

If that’s not good enough, then for me it actually gets better as I absolutely love what I do for a living. Working as a Kitchener Wedding Photographer I take a lot of pleasure and pride in working closely with my clients to make sure their photography requirements are discussed, understood, planned and exceeded. I’m really passionate about what I do and I’m always trying new things and pushing boundaries in my goal to create wall worthy photography. All done with a cheeky British sense of humor, a laugh and a smile.